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Title: Preparation, characterization and antimicrobial activity of fatty alkenoates
Authors: Rauf, Abdul
Parveen, Humaira
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: CSIR
Series/Report no.: <b>Int</b>.<b>Cl</b>.<b><sup>7</sup> C 07 C // A 61 P 31/04</b>
Abstract: Esterification of undec-10-enoic acid <b>1</b> with 1-(2'-hydroxy-4'-methoxyphenyl)-3-phenyl-prop-2-en-1-ol <b>2</b> by using <i>N,N</i><i>'</i>-dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC) in the presence of 4-(<i>N,N</i>-dimethylamino) pyridine (DMAP) at room temperature, affords 3'-(2''-hydroxy-4''-methoxyphenyl)-1'-phenyl-propenylundec-10-enoate <b>4</b>. Under similar conditions, compound <b>1</b> also reacts with ethylene glycolmonostearate <b>3</b> to give the corresponding ester, 1-stearyl-2-undecenyl glycol <b>5</b>.<b> </b>The fatty alkenoates are characterized on the basis of the elemental analysis and spectral data. All the prepared compounds <b>4 </b>and<b> 5</b> and some other fatty alkenoates <b>6,7,11-13</b> are tested for their antimicrobial activity.
Description: 1273-1276
ISSN: 0975-0983(Online); 0376-4699(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.44B(06) [June 2005]

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