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Absorbed dose distribution at a large scale gamma irradiator — A data analysisBenny, P G; Shah, M R; Bhatt, B C; Sabharwal, SIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]879-885
Systematization of L X-ray satellites I: L satellitesMisra, U D; Kumar, NIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]891-895
Indigenous development of a low cost high power 2 kW (CW), 2.45 GHz microwave systemJain, S K; Jain, Akhilesh; Hannurkar, P RIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]896-901
Ultrasonic studies on aqueous ternary electrolytesPavai, R Ezhil; Vasantharani, P; Kannappan, A NIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]934-936
Dielectric relaxation studies of binary mixtures of acetone and N-methylacetamide in benzene solution using microwave absorption dataRangra, Vir Singh; Sharma, D RIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]921-925
Study of copper-silicon junctions fabricated by selective electroless depositionDhingra, Sunil; Arora, Sanjiv; George, P JIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]916-920
Polarization based imaging of sub-surface tissueSudha, G F; Palanivelu, T GIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]902-907
Structural and electrical properties of nano-sized magnesium aluminateKurien, Siby; Sebastian, Shajo; Mathew, Jose; George, K CIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]926-933
Aerosol test facility for fast reactor safety studiesBaskaran, R; Selvakumaran, T S; Subramanian, VIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]873-878
Synthesis and structural characterization of Bi2O3-M2O3 (M=Dy and Pr) binary systemsEkhelikar, Srikant; Bichile, G KIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]912-915
Fluorescence quenching spectra of p-chloranilne and p-toluidineBakkialakshmi, S; Shanthi, B; Santhi, R; Chandrakala, DIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]937-939
Theoretical study of the effect of applied stress on the binding energy of a donor impurity in GaAs quantum well dot within an infinite potential barrierOyoko, H Odhiambo; Duque, C A; Montenegro, N PorrasIJPAP Vol.42(12) [December 2004]908-911
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12