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Zn content variation effect on excess conductivity, superconducting order parameter dimensionality and interlayer coupling in ErBa2Cu3-xZnxO7-δ Upreti, U CIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]195-200
Vibrational spectra and molecular structural investigation of quiniodochlorGunasekaran, S; Ponnambalam, U; Muthu, S; Anand, GIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]162-166
Effective mass calculation for InSe, InSe:Ho0.0025, InSe:Ho0.025, InSe:Ho0.005 and InSe:Ho0.05 samples using the external electric field shiftingATEŞ, AytunçIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]205-210
Radiological impact of airborne radon and its progeny in dwellingsKant, K; Chakarvarti, S KIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]157-161
Surface morphology of gall bladder stonesSingh, V R; Kaur, PalwinderIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]189-194
Study of temperature dependent gas permeability for polycarbonate membraneAcharya, N K; Yadav, P K; Vijay, Y KIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]179-181
Ultrasonic velocity and allied parameters of symmetrical tetraalkyl ammonium bromides in aqueous ethanol at 298.15 KNikam, P S; Hasan, Mehdi; Pawar, T B; Sawant, A BIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]172-178
Modelling of threshold voltage adjustment in fully depleted double gate (DG) SOI MOSFETs in volume inversion to quantify requirements of gate materialsKranti, Abhinav; Rashmi; Haldar, S; Gupta, R SIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]211-220
Optical and electrical properties of indium-tin oxide filmsRao, K NarasimhaIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]201-204
Design and development of microcontroller based conductivity measurement systemRajendran, A; Neelamegam, PIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]182-188
Magnetic, dielectric and microwave absorption studies of Ba-CoTi hexaferrite — Epoxy compositesSingh, Praveen; Babbar, V K; Razdan, Archana; Goel, T C; Srivastava, S LIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]221-228
Effect of the interatomic potentials on the broadening and shifting of the intercombination spectral lines of Hg, Cd and Zn by inert gasesRoston, G DIJPAP Vol.42(03) [March 2004]167-171
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12