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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2004Modelling of packed column using artificial neural networksPandharipande, S L; Mandavgane, S A
Nov-2004Determination of serum and urinary urate with reusable uricase stripSushma; Rekha; Kumar, Vijay; Suman; Pundir, C S
Nov-2004Crosslinked polyethyleneTamboli, S M; Mhaske, S T; Kale, D D
Nov-2004Enzymatic saccharification of cellulosic waste by cellulase system of Cellulomonas uda immobilized on tri(4-formyl phenoxy) cyanurateKhobragade, C N; Sureshkumar, K; Borkar, Prita S; Sagar, A D
Nov-2004Dipole moment studies of H-bonded complexes of phenols and substituted phenols with benzaldehyde in tetrachloromethaneMahapatra, U S; Roy, G S; Maharana, L
Nov-2004Flotation-separation of nickel from aqueous media using some hydrazone derivatives as organic collectors and oleic acid as surfactantGhazy, S E; Mostafa, H A; Farra, S A El; Fouda, A S
Nov-2004Phase transfer reaction of potassium superoxide with benzylic methyl and methylene compounds in aprotic mediumShukla, Ajay Kumar; Singh, Krishna Nand
Nov-2004Separation of light hydrocarbons by gas chromatography using serpentine as stationary phaseSingh, B N; Maiti, B
Nov-2004Turbidity studies on mixed surfactant systems in hard water: A new method for estimation of water hardnessHomendra, Naorem; Devi, Ch. Indira
Nov-2004Correction factor to determine total hydrogen+deuterium concentration obtained by inert gas fusion-thermal conductivity detection (IGF-TCD) techniqueRamakumar, K L; Sayi, Y Sesha; Shankaran, P S; Chhapru, G C; Yadav, C S; Venugopal, V
Nov-2004Optimising ANN architecture for shell and tube heat exchanger modellingPandharipande, S L; Siddiqui, M A; Dubey, A; Mandavgane, S A
Nov-2004Electrochemical detection of phenol in aqueous solutionsMathiyarasu, J; Joseph, James; Phani, K L N; Yegnaraman, V
Nov-2004Sensitive determination of atenolol in tablets using chloramine-T and two dyesBasavaiah, K; Chandrashekar, U; Nagegowda, P
Nov-2004Studies on (non) energetic compounds, Part 44: Kinetics of thermolysis of dichloroanilinium chloride saltsSingh, Gurdip; Srivastava, Jaya
Nov-2004Quantitative methods for the assay of acyclovir in non aqueous mediumBasavaiah, K; Prameela, H C
Nov-2004Factal analysis of the contribution of aerosols from two different major sourcesGhose, Mrinal K; Banerjee, S K
Nov-2004Synthesis and characterization of CoAlPO4-5 and CoAlPO4-31 molecular sievesVenkatathri, N; Kumar, G P Aswin
Nov-2004Kinetic and equilibrium characterization of phenols adsorption onto a novel activated carbon in water treatmentVarghese, Sumol; Vinod, V P; Anirudhan, T S
Nov-2004Technique to determine anti-scalants efficiency for industrial cooling water systemChaudhary, R S; Kumar, Harish
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19