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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2004Studies of metal ion uptake behaviour of formaldehyde condensed resins of phenolic Schiff bases derived from the reaction of 4,4' -diaminodiphenyl and 4, 4' -diaminodiphenylmethane with o-hydroxybenzaldehyde Dey, R K; Acharya, S; Samal, S; Ra, A R
Sep-2004Synthesis of glycylcalix[6]arene and its applicability as resin for separation and preconcentration of trace transition metalsBhatt, H; Agrawal, Y K
Sep-2004Ethylation of benzene over AFI type molecular sievesRaj, K Joseph Antony; Vijayaraghavan, V R
Sep-2004Decolourization of synthetic dyes using rice straw attached pleurotus ostreatus Neelamegam, R; Baskaran, V; Dhanasekar, R; Viruthagiri, T
Sep-2004Phlogiston: The rise and fall of a theoryWisniak, Jaime
Sep-2004Some physical and chemical properties of ostrich skins and leathersBitlisli, Behzat Oral; Başaran, Bahri; Sari, Özcan; Aslan, Ahmet; Zengin, Gökhan
Sep-2004Molecular interactions in binary liquid mixures of dimethylsulphoxide with chloroethanes and chloroethenesRadhamma, M; Sivakumar, K; Rao, M V P
Sep-2004Chromatography of heavy metal cations with formic acid containing mobile phases: Effect of added organic solvents and surfactants on the mobility of cationsMohammad, Ali; Sirwal, Yasir Hamid
Sep-2004Preservation of bagasse by an alternative cost-effective and eco-friendly approachYadav, K R; Chaudhari, A B; Sharma, R K; Kothari, R M
Sep-2004Colour removal of pulp and paper effluentsChakradhar, B; Shrivastava, Sonia
Sep-2004Application of aliovalency effect in the processing of refractory mineralsGokarn, Ashok N; Kulkarni, Swati S; Pande, Anita R
Sep-2004Decolourization of pulp and paper mill effluent using polyvinyl chlorideBhardwaj, Shivani; Khan, Mukhtar A
Sep-2004Evaluation of corrosion inhibition by cerium on aluminium under marine and laboratory environmentsP, Muhamed Ashraf; Edwin, Leela
Sep-2004Evaluation of apparent and partial molar volume of potassium ferro- and ferricyanides in aqueous alcohol solutions at different temperaturesDash, U N; Roy, G S; Mohanty, S
Sep-2004Determination of micropore volume and surface area of zeolite molecular sieves by D-R and D-A equations: A comparative studyVyas, Raj K; Shashi; Kumar, Surendra
Sep-2004Enzyme technology applications in leather processingChoudhary, R B; Jana, A K; Jha, M K
Sep-2004Effect of salt additives on decolouration of Acid Black 1 dye effluent by ozonationMuthukumar, M; Sargunamani, D; Selvakumar, N; Nedumaran, D
Sep-2004Zeolite supported iron catalyst for nitric oxide reduction by ammonia in the presence of oxygenSalker, A V
Sep-2004Total gas analysis of nuclear fuelsSayi, Y Sesha; Yadav, C S; Shankaran, P S; Chhapru, G C
Sep-2004Transport of uranyl ion (UO22+) across bulk liquid membrane by thenoyl trifluoro acetone (TTA)Nanda, D; Chauhan, H P S; Maiti, B
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 22