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Title: Solvent-free synthesis of 2′,3′,5′-tri-O-acetyl -2,6-dichloropurine nucleoside catalyzed by <i>p</i>-toluenesulfonic acid using microwave
Authors: Qu, Guirong
Liu, Qibin
Issue Date: Jan-2005
Publisher: CSIR
Series/Report no.: <b>Int</b>.<b>Cl</b>.<b><sup>7</sup> C 07 D 473/00</b>
Abstract: Starting from tetraacetylribofuranose<b style=""> 1 </b>and 2,6-dichloropurine <b style="">2</b>, in the presence of <i>p</i>-toluenesulfonic acid (<i>p</i>-TsOH), 2′,3′,5′-tri-O-acetyl-2,6-dichloropurine nucleoside <b style="">3</b> has been synthesized in microwave oven for the first time. On comparing(→ Comparing) with the conventional methods, this method has advantages such as shorter reaction time (4.5min), better yield (83.5%), simple(→simpler) workup and environmental acceptability.
Description: 196-197
ISSN: 0975-0983(Online); 0376-4699(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.44B(01) [January 2005]

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