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Title: Bhavishya
Authors: B, Vijeth
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: I was watching the science fiction ‘The Future’ on Star movies.It was late Saturday night.  The film was more or less like a dream.“It would never come true in real life,” I thought to myself.After watching, I switched off the television and slept wondering. Sunday was here.  I was playing cricket at the II cross road where my house was situated.  I hit the ball for a six, only to land the ball on a terrace.  I had to get the ball as I had hit the ball.  This was the rule. I climbed the stairs, got to the terrace, picked up the ball and was just returning to the stairs when I saw a ward man running towards me. I got scared and ran back to the terrace.  But this time, I saw a chair-like contraption with two big buttons on it.  The number ‘29’ was blinking on one of the buttons.  In a sudden sort of hypnotic trance I just sat and pressed the other button and whoooosh!  The contraption started rising.  Suddenly it gained speed.
Page(s): 40-41
ISSN: 0036-8512
Appears in Collections:SR Vol.47(05) [May 2010]

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