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Integrated DEA-ANOVA for performance assessment and optimization of telecommunication sectors in Central AsiaAzadeh, A; Ataei, G R; Izadbakhsh, H; Asadzadeh, S M; Bukhari, AJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]330-341
A new method for spectrophotometric determination of colchicosideNarayana, B; Divya, N SJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]368-372
Comparison of hexagon and octagon cylinder models with conventional modelsfor effective thermal conductivity estimation of suspension systemsKumar, A P Senthil; Raja, V Prabhu; Karthikeyan, PJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]356-364
Feedrate optimization by polynomial interpolation for CNC machinesbased on a reconfigurable FPGA controllerPerez, J J de Santiago; Rios, R A Osornio; Troncoso, R J Romero; Yepez, E Cabal; Gonzalez, R G GuevaraJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]342-349
Thumba (Citrullus colocyntis) seed oil: A sustainable source of renewable energy for biodiesel productionPal, Amit; Kachhwaha, S S; Maji, S; Babu, M K GJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]384-389
Banana and its by-product utilisation: an overviewMohapatra, Debabandya; Mishra, Sabyasachi; Sutar, NamrataJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]323-329
Development of a new pump through modifying a conventional automotive spark plugHambali, A; Farid, Z A; Najib, A MJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]365-367
Synthesis of low cost adhesives from pulp & paper industry wasteGothwal, R K; Mohan, M K; Ghosh, PJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]390-395
Antimicrobial properties of iodine based productsVasudevan, Padma; Tandon, MamtaJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]376-383
Neuro hybrid model to predict weld bead width in submerged arcwelding processDhas, J Edwin Raja; Kumanan, SomasundaramJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]350-355