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Title: A study of the effect of individual Asanas on blood pressure
Authors: Malhotra, Varun
Tandon, O P
Keywords: Asanas;Blood Pressure;Yoga;Meditation
Issue Date: Oct-2005
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: Int. Cl.7: A61P9/00, A61P9/04, A61P9/06, A61P9/08, A61P9/10, A61P9/12
Abstract: Asana means a steady and pleasant posture of the body. Asanas are to be performed without strain. Undue stretching in some Asana may do more harm than benefit. This study of individual Asana was undertaken to understand the effect of changing postures on the blood pressure. Twenty five first year MBBS students in the age group of 16-19 years performed Sukhasan, Vajrasan and Dhanurasan in the Department of Physiology. The blood pressure was measured by the mercury sphygmomanometer by standard method while the Asana were being performed. In Sukhasan blood pressure was the lowest 116.4 ± 7.21 / 76.1 ± 7.34. The pressure increased slightly in Vajrasan to 119.5 ± 7.82/ 81.4 ± 6.2. It was the highest recordable in Dhanurasan (125.2 ± 8.23/ 84.8 ± 7.78). Thereby, indicating that the pressure is lowest in Sukhasan, and this Asana may be performed regularly in meditation for calming the overworked heart.
Page(s): 367-372
ISSN: 0975-1068 (Online); 0972-5938 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJTK Vol.04(4) [October 2005]

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