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Synthesis and photoinduced conductivity changes of polyesters with ortho-hydroxyazo groupsGirijan, K R; Purushothaman, EIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]197-200
Spectrophotometric determination of eprosartan mesylate in raw material and experimental tabletsKamila, M M; Mondal, N; Ghosh, L KIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]194-196
o-Chlorophenol anchored tin antimonate: An ion exchanger for separation of heavy metalsChithra, P G; Beena, BIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]190-193
Determination of palladium using 2-thiobarbituric acid as a releasing agentKarthikeyan, J; Parameshwara, P; Shetty, A Nityananda; Shetty, PrakashIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]186-189
Dissolution kinetics of calcined chalcopyrite ore in sulphuric acid solutionGülfen, Mustafa; Aydin, Ali OsmanIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]180-185
Corrosion characteristics of mild steel in aqueous solution of formic acid containing some acetic acidSingh, S K; Mukherjee, Ashim K; Singh, M MIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]174-179
Effect of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) on corrosion of metallic fasteners: Implications in boat buildingPeter, M Ajith; Edwin, LeelaIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]168-173
Electrochemical study of the mechanism of interaction of 1,2,3-benzotriazole on SS304 surface in HCl mediumSatpati, A K; Palrecha, M M; Sundaresan, R IIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]163-167
A study on brightening property of newly synthesized compound in electroplating of zinc-nickel alloyMuralidhara, H B; Naik, Y Arthoba; Sachin, H P; Venkatesha, T VIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]155-162
Adsorption of dyes on sawdust phosphate: Kinetics and equilibrium studiesPrakash, Aditya; Solanki, Sangeeta; Rao, PTSRK PrasadaIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]146-154
Removal of dyes using low cost adsorbentsVerma, V K; Mishra, A KIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]140-145
Removal of basic and acidic dyes from aqueous solution by adsorption on a low cost activated carbon: Kinetic and thermodynamic studyArivoli, S; Sundaravadivelu, M; Elango, K PIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]130-139
Mathematical model for a multiple effect evaporator system with condensate-, feed- and product- flash and steam splittingBhargava, Ravindra; Khanam, Shabina; Mohanty, BikashIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]118-129
Mass transfer characteristics in extraction by emulsion liquid membrane system – immobilized emulsion phaseMondal, D; Saha, D; Bhowal, A; Datta, SIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]113-117
Separation of cadmium ions and estimation of membrane transport parameters of a nanofiltration membraneMurthy, Z V P; Chaudhari, Latesh BIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]107-112
MBR- a promising technology for wastewater treatment: An overviewIslam, M A; Mozumder, M S I; Uddin, M TIJCT Vol.15(2) [March 2008]101-106
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16