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Title: High input impedance all-pass and notch filter configuration
Authors: Kumar, P
Pal, K
Gupta, G K
Keywords: Active filters;Current conveyor;Translinear current conveyor;All-pass filter;Notch filter
Issue Date: May-2006
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: H01P1/20
Abstract: A circuit realizing second order all-pass and notch filter, employing current conveyors and operational amplifier/CFA as the active circuit elements is proposed. The circuit uses only two current conveyors, one operational amplifier/current feedback amplifier, four resistors and two grounded capacitors. The current conveyors used in the circuit are replaceable by translinear current conveyors and thus quality factors Q and center frequency become controllable through the bias currents of the translinear current conveyors. The filter also displays low incremental parameter sensitivities. The simulation results on the filter support theory.
Page(s): 398-401
ISSN: 0975-1041 (Online); 0019-5596 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.44(05) [May 2006]

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