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Title: Disproportionation of 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene over bifunctional bimetallic catalysts
Authors: Bhavani, A Geetha
Karthikeyan, D
Lingappan, N
Rao, A Sreenivasa
Keywords: Disproportionation;1,2,4-trimetylbenzene;Nickel;Platinum;Zeolite-β;Mordenite
Issue Date: Feb-2006
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: B82B3/00
Abstract: Zeolite-β and mordenite have been impregnated with 0.1 wt.% Pt and varying (0, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 wt.%) amounts of Ni and reduced at 475 ºC. The line broadening XRD analysis indicates that the increasing Ni addition decreases the crystallinity of zeolites. The TEM analysis indicates that the average metal particle size increases with increasing Ni addition. The states of Ni and Pt have been analyzed by ESCA. The acidity measurements by pyridine adsorbed FTIR spectroscopy show the occupation of some of the acid sites by the added Ni species. Disproportionation of 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene was carried out in the temperature range 250-400 ºC and found that Ni addition up to 0.3 wt.% over 0.1 wt.% Pt/H-β and 0.1 wt.% over 0.1 wt.% Pt/H-MOR enhances the 1,2,4-trimetylbenzene conversion and disproportionation selectivity of the catalysts. Further, Ni addition above the threshold value leads to fall in activity and disproportionation selectivity drastically. Zeolite-β based Ni-Pt catalysts always show higher activity and selectivity than mordenite based catalysts.
Page(s): 177-182
ISSN: 0975-1041 (Online); 0019-5596 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJPAP Vol.44(02) [February 2006]

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