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Dielectric studies of H-bonded complexes of benzamide and nicotinamide with alcoholsSankar, U; Jeevaraj, A Kingson Solomon; Thenappan, TIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]339-334
Microwave study of hydration of cement with different watersBarathan, S; Govindarajan, D; Sivakumar, G; Raghu, KIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]334-338
Achieving high signal-to-noise ratio in transient reflectivity measurementsVijayaragavan, A R; Chari, R; Oak, S MIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]330-333
Synthesis, XRD and 57Fe Mössbauer studies of the pseudo-binary Fe1-xMnxSb2 alloysSharma, R K; Sharma, Y KIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]325-329
Spectral distribution and enhancement studies of (ZnS+HgO) base electroluminophorSrivastava, Sudhir Kumar; Singh, Laxmi KantIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]320-324
Normal coordinate analysis of urea meta nitro benzoic acid crystalGunasekaran, S; Natarajan, R K; Syamala, D; Rathikha, RIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]315-319
Optical study and synthesis of porous silicon nanostructuresTyagi, Amit; Singh, R; Bansal, M K; Soni, R KIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]312-314
Application of computerised glow curve deconvolution to determine the spectroscopy of traps in KClRanita, U; Sharma, B Arunkumar; Singh, S NabadwipIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]308-311
Elemental analysis of potteries using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence techniqueKumar, Ajay; Garg, M L; Singh, Nirmal; Vijayan, VIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]300-307
Steady-state absorption and fluorescence study: Dipole moments of coumarinsChandrasekhar, K; Naik, L R; Kumar, H M Suresh; Math, N NIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]292-299
Assessment of radon-222 concentrations and exhalation rates of rocks and building materialsArabi, A M El; Abbady, A; Ahmed, N K; Michel, R; Kamel, A H El; Abbady, A G EIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]287-291
Determination of full energy peak efficiency of HpGe detector from 59.5 to 1332.5 keVGültekin, Ali; Kaynak, Gökay; Gürler, OrhanIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]281-286
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12