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Holographic optics based two-channel interferometerSharma, Amit K; Kaura, Sushil K; Chhachhia, D P; Mahajan, C G; Aggarwal, A KIJPAP Vol.44(07) [July 2006]501-508
Determination of full energy peak efficiency of HpGe detector from 59.5 to 1332.5 keVGültekin, Ali; Kaynak, Gökay; Gürler, OrhanIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]281-286
Determining the relation between effective coupling constant and quark mass in the parton model using massive nucleonic quarks in hypercentral potentialRajabi, A AIJPAP Vol.44(07) [July 2006]512-518
Lattice dynamical calculations of spinel structure compoundsKushwaha, A K; Shankar, Girija; Kushwaha, S SIJPAP Vol.44(05) [May 2006]385-390
Optical study and synthesis of porous silicon nanostructuresTyagi, Amit; Singh, R; Bansal, M K; Soni, R KIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]312-314
Vibrational spectra and thermodynamic analysis of metforminGunasekaran, S; Natarajan, R K; Renganayaki, V; Natarajan, SIJPAP Vol.44(07) [July 2006]495-500
Correlation between EPR, dielectric spectroscopic and conductivity studies of lithium substituted Na2Ti3O7 ceramicPal, D; Tandon, R P; ShripalIJPAP Vol.44(06) [June 2006]435-439
Voltage-mode OTA-based active-C universal filter and its transformation into CFA-based RC-filterShah, N A; Rather, M FIJPAP Vol.44(05) [May 2006]402-406
Assessment of radon-222 concentrations and exhalation rates of rocks and building materialsArabi, A M El; Abbady, A; Ahmed, N K; Michel, R; Kamel, A H El; Abbady, A G EIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]287-291
Application of computerised glow curve deconvolution to determine the spectroscopy of traps in KClRanita, U; Sharma, B Arunkumar; Singh, S NabadwipIJPAP Vol.44(04) [April 2006]308-311