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Title: <b>Antiulcerogenic effect of some plants extracts</b>
Authors: Atta, A H
Nasr, Soad M
Mouneir, Samar M
Keywords: Antiulcers
Medicinal plants
Mentha microphylla
Conyza dioscoridis
Conyza linifolia
Zygophyllum album
Bidens bipinnata
Cynanchum acutum
Plantago major
Schouwia thebaica
Issue Date: Aug-2005
Publisher: CSIR
Series/Report no.: <b>Int. cl.<sup>7</sup>― </b>A61K 35/78, A61P 1/04
Abstract: Methanol extracts were prepared from aerial parts of 8 medicinal plants and evaluated for their potential antiulcerogenic effects using ethanol and Aspirin - induced gastric ulcerations in rats. Oral administration of the methanol extract (400 mg/kg-) of <b style="">Bidens bipinnata Linn.</b>, <b style="">Zygophyllum album</b> <b style="">Linn. f.</b>,  <b style="">Plantago major Linn. </b>(leaves)<b style=""> </b>and <b style="">Schouwia thebaica Webb.</b> significantly (P< 0.01) decreased the average ulcer index with a curative ratio ranged from 100% for <b style="">B. bipinnata </b>to 58.3% for <b style="">S. thebaica </b>in the ethanol-induced gastric ulceration. <b style="">Mentha microphylla</b> <b style="">C. Koch.</b>, <b style="">Conyza linifolia Willd., C. dioscoridis (Linn.) Desf., <i style="">C</i>ynanchum acutum Linn. </b>and <b style="">P. major </b>(seeds) decreased the ulcer index, however, their curative ratios were below 50% but higher than the reference drug Ranitidine (curative ratio 38.9%). <b style="">B. bipinnata</b>, <b style="">Z. album</b><b style=""> </b>and <b style="">P. major </b>(leaves) in a dose of 400 mg/kg significantly decreased the number of gastric ulcer and decreased total protein in gastric juice in aspirin-induced gastric ulceration. The total acidity was significantly (P< 0.01) decreased by all tested plant extracts. Based on the decreased ulcer index, increased curative ratio, decreased number of gastric ulcers and decreased total protein and total acidity, <b style="">B. bipinnata</b>, <b style="">Z. album</b><b style=""> </b>and <b style="">P. major </b>leaves in a dose of 400 mg/kg produced a potent antiulcerogenic effect against alcohol- and aspirin-induced gastric ulcer. Moderate effect was produced by <b style="">S. thebaica</b>.
Description: 258-263
ISSN: 0975-1092 (Online); 0972-592X (Print)
Appears in Collections:NPR Vol.4(4) [July-August 2005]

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