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Title: <b>Indigenous knowledge and medicinal plants used by Vaidyas in Uttaranchal, India</b>
Authors: Kala, Chandra Prakash
Farooquee, Nehal A
Majila, B S
Keywords: Indigenous knowledge
<i style="">Vaidyas</i>
Traditional healers
Medicinal plants
Herbal drugs
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: CSIR
Series/Report no.: <b style="">Int. cl.<sup>7</sup>― </b>A61K 35/78
Abstract: The indigenous knowledge of <i style="">Vaidyas</i> (the traditional healers) on making the herbal drugs was studied in the Uttaranchal state of India. Interviews and semi-structured questionnaire surveys were conducted among 60 traditional <i>Vaidyas</i> on the preparation of various herbal drugs. The survey has resulted in compilation of 135 herbal drugs, which are used by them for curing 55 types of ailments. In Uttaranchal, generally the traditional <i style="">Vaidyas</i> follow some specific guidelines for collection of medicinal plants from wild. They frequently use<i style=""> <b style="">Ocimum sanctum </b></i><b style="">Linn.</b>,<i style=""> <b style="">Piper nigrum </b></i><b style="">Linn.</b><i style="">, <b style="">Curcuma domestica </b></i><b style="">Valet.</b><i style="">, <b style="">Brassica campestris </b></i><b style="">Hook.f. & Thoms<i style="">.</i></b><i style=""> </i>and<i style=""> <b style="">Raphanus sativus </b></i><b style="">Linn.</b><i style=""> </i>for making various herbal drugs. There is a sharp decline in the number of recognized <i>Vaidyas </i>due to several reasons.
Description: 195-206
ISSN: 0975-1092 (Online); 0972-592X (Print)
Appears in Collections:NPR Vol.4(3) [May-June 2005]

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