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Title: <b style="">Oil/Fat</b>
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: <i style="">Nat Prod Rad, </i>Vol. 5(3), May-June 2006, p.228 Besbes Souhail, Blecker Christophe, Deroanne Claude, Lognay Georges, Drira Nour-Eddine and Attia Hamadi, <b style="">Heating effects on some quality characteristics of date seed oil</b>, <i>Food Chem</i>, 2005, <b>91</b>(3), 469-476]. <br><br> <i style="">Nat Prod Rad, </i>Vol. 5(3), May-June 2006, p.228-229 Ghosh Priyankar, Reddy<sup> </sup>Krishna MM and Sashidha RB, <b style="">Quantitative evaluation of sanguinarine as an index of argemone oil adulteration in edible mustard oil by high performance thin layer chromatography</b>, <i>Food Chem</i>, 2005, <b>91 </b>(4), 757-764. <br><br> <i style="">Nat Prod Rad, </i>Vol. 5(3), May-June 2006, p.229 Yu Liangli Lucy, Zhou Kequan Kevin and Parry John, <b style="">Antioxidant properties of cold-pressed black caraway, carrot, cranberry, and hemp seed oils</b>, <i>Food Chem</i>, 2005, <b>91</b> (4), 723-729. <br><br> <i style="">Nat Prod Rad, </i>Vol. 5(3), May-June 2006, p.230 Yang<b><sup> </sup></b>Hong, Irudayaraj<b><sup> </sup></b>Joseph and Paradkar Manish M, <b style="">Discriminant analysis of edible oils and fats by FTIR, FT-NIR and FT-Raman spectroscopy</b>, <i>Food Chem</i>, 2005, <b>93</b> (1), 25-32.<br><br> <i style="">Nat Prod Rad, </i>Vol. 5(3), May-June 2006, p.230 Marikkar JMN, Ghazali<sup> </sup>HM, Che Man<sup> </sup>YB, Peiris<sup> </sup>TSG and Lai OM, <b style="">Distinguishing lard from other animal fats in admixtures of some vegetable oils using liquid chromatographic data coupled with multivariate data analysis</b>, <i>Food Chem</i>, 2005, <b>91</b> (1), 5-14.
Description: 228-230
ISSN: 0975-1092 (Online); 0972-592X (Print)
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