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Determination of pKa’s of hydroxamic acids by nucleophilic substitution reactionShrivastava, Ashish; Ghosh, Kallol KIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1630-1634
Spectrophotometric determination of nickel(II) with 2-hydroxy-3-methoxy-benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazoneKumar, A Praveen; Reddy, P Raveendra; Reddy, V KrishnaIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1625-1629
Spectrophotometric determination of hydrazine using bromine and methyl redGeorge, Mary; Nagaraja, K S,; Balasubramanian, NIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1621-1624
Rapid analysis of americium and plutonium in environmental samples by alpha-spectrometryAmoli, H Salar; Barker, JIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1618-1620
Liquid-liquid extraction of ultra trace amounts of technetium produced by ¹⁰⁰Mo (p, 2n) ⁹⁹mTc nuclear reaction in cyclotronDallali, Nasser; Ghanbari, Manoochehr; Yamini, Yadollah; Fateh, Behrooz; Agrawal, Y KIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1615-1617
Synthesis, structural characterization and antibacterial studies of some biosensitive mixed ligand copper(II) complexesRaman, N; Raja, J DhaveethuIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1611-1614
Estimation of cohesive force, energy of vaporization, heat of vaporization, cohesive energy density, solubility parameter and van der Waals constant of binary liquid mixtures using generalized hole theoryPandey, J D; Srivastava, Tanu; Chandra, Prakash; Prashant, Rajput; Dwivedi, D KIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1605-1610
Synthesis, characterization and 3D molecular modeling of some ternary complexes of Cu(II), Ni(II), Co(II), Zn(II), Sm(III), Th(IV) and UO₂(VI) with Schiff base derived from the sulfa drug sulfabenzamide and 1,10-phenanthrolineMaurya, R C; Chourasia, J; Sharma, PIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1594-1604
Synthesis and physicochemical studies of a new molybdenum (IV)-pterin complex undergoing reaction with trimethylamine N-oxideGhosh, Baidyanath; Roy, Parag SIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1585-1593
Bromide mediated oxidation of antimony(III) by cerium(IV) in aqueous sulphuric acid mediumMunavalli, D S; Thabaj, K A; Chimatadar, S A; Nandibewoor, S TIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1579-1584
Synthesis, structure and properties of a monomeric copper(II) complex with a multidentate pyridylpyrazole ligandMishra, Vibha; Singh, Shubha; Mukherjee, RabindranathIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1573-1578
Prediction of new organo-noble gas compounds by ab initio quantum chemical calculationsSethi, Astha; Deb, B MIJCA Vol.46A(10) [October 2007]1565-1572
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12