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Episodic preservation of pteropods in the eastern Arabian Sea: Monsoonal change, oxygen minimum zone intensity and aragonite compensation depthSingh, A. D.IJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]378-383
Organic matter distribution pattern in Arabian Sea: Palynofacies analysis from the surface sediments off Karwar coast (west coast of India)Prasad, Vandana; Garg, Rahul; Singh, Vartika; Thakur, BiswajitIJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]399-406
Foraminiferal studies in nearshore regions of western coast of India and Laccadives Islands: A reviewBhalla, S.N.; Khare, N.; Shanmukha, D.H.; Henriques, P.J.IJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]272-287
Surface circulation in the eastern Indian Ocean during last 5 million years: Planktic foraminiferal evidencesSinha, Devesh K.IJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]342-350
A review of the studies on pteropods from the northern Indian Ocean region with a report on the pteropods of Irrawaddy continental shelf off Myanmar (Burma)Panchang, Rajani; Nigam, Rajiv; Riedel, Frank; Janssen, Arie W.; Hla, U Ko YiIJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]384-398
Paleoceanographic evolution of the northeastern Indian Ocean during the Miocene: Evidence from deep-sea benthic foraminifera (DSDP Hole 216A)Bhaumik, Ajoy K.; Gupta, Anil K.; Raj, M. Sundar; Mohan, K.; De, Soma; Sarkar, SudiptaIJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]332-341
Distribution of Ostracoda in marine and marginal marine habitats off Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas, southern east coast of India and Andaman Islands: Environmental implicationsHussain, S.M.; Ganesan, P.; Ravi, G.; Mohan, S.P.; Sridhar, S.G.D.IJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]369-377
Symbiont-bearing benthic foraminifera of LakshadweepSaraswati, Pratul KumarIJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]351-354
Neogene oceanographic and climatic changes in the northern Indian Ocean: Evidence from RadiolariaSharma, V.; Devi, L. BhagyapatiIJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]361-368
Relict benthic foraminifera in surface sediments off central east coast of India as indicator of sea level changesRana, Sanjay Singh; Rajiv Nigam, Rajiv; Panchang, RajaniIJMS Vol.36(4) [December 2007]355-360