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Micellar effects on the electrochemical oxidation of norepinephrine and its determination in the presence of ascorbic acidLi, Yan; Wen, Xiao-Lin; Liu, Zhong-LiIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]962-965
Simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid using PEDOT polymer modified electrodesJeyalakshmi, S Radha; Kumar, S Senthil; Mathiyarasu, J; Phani, K L N; Yegnaraman, VIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]957-961
Kinetics of reduction of [Co(NH₃)₅N₃]Cl₂ by iron (II) in CTAB/n-heptane/butanol/water reverse micellesMajumdar, Tapas; Mahapatra, AmbikeshIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]952-956
Low-temperature heat capacity and standard molar enthalpy of formation of crystalline (S)–(+)–Ibuprofen (C₁₃H₁₈O₂)(s)Di, You-Ying; Ye, Chun-Tian; Tan, Zhi-Cheng; Zhang, Guo-DingIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]947-951
Synthesis, infrared and X-ray diffraction studies of mixed halogen sodalites and sodalites containing silver derivativesBorhade, A V; Wakchaure, S G; Dholi, A GIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]942-946
Multinuclear NMR investigation on newly synthesized gold(I) pentafluorophenyl-arylazoimidazole complexesByabartta, Prithwiraj; Laguna, MarianoIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]937-941
Influence of apolar aprotic solvents on proton transfer equilibrium between m-/o-chlorobenzoic acids and the carbinol base of crystal violet: A chemometric analysisShrivastava, Ruchi; Mishra, Sangeeta; Sengupta, Susanta KIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]933-936
Vibrational spectral and DFT studies of 7-azaindole adsorbed on silver nanometal surfaceKarthikeyan, BIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]929-932
Theoretical investigation on the conformation of ethylene-norbornene copolymer chainsYilmaz, Sevil SavaşkanIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]923-928
Kinetics and mechanism of the nucleophilic ring opening of oxazolinone in mixed aqueous solventsIsmail, Amel MIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]916-922
Catalytic allylic oxidation of cyclohexene with air overZhang, Q; Xia, Q-H; Lu, X-H; Zhan, H-J; Xu, GIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]909-915
DNA interactions of mixed ligand copper(II) complexes with sulphur containing ligandsKrishna, P Murali; Reddy, K Hussain; Krishna, Pitchika G; Philip, G HIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]904-908
Stereochemical configuration of poly (2-hydroxy ethyl methacrylate) by NMR spectroscopyHooda, Sunita; Goyal, Ashok KumarIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]899-903
DFT studies on anionic hetero atom (N or/and S) substitution in TiO₂Sathish, M; Sankaran, M; Viswanathan, B; Viswanath, R PIJCA Vol.46A(6) [June 2007]895-898
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14