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Title: Synthesis of heneicos-6(<i style="">Z</i>)-en-11-one, dec-5(<i style="">Z)-</i>en-1-yl acetate, dec-5(<i style="">Z)-</i> en-1-yl-3-methylbutanoate (insect sex pheromones)
Authors: Jindal, Rani
Devi, Aarti
Kad, Goverdhan L
Singh, Jasvinder
Keywords: Selective
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Synthesis of heneicos-6(<i style="">Z</i>)-en-11-one <b style="">1</b>, dec-5(<i style="">Z)-</i>en-1-yl acetate <b style="">2</b>, dec-5(<i style="">Z)</i>-en-1-yl-3-methylbutanoate <b style="">3 </b>has been accomplished by utilizing sodium acetoxyborohydride generated <i style="">in situ</i> from sodium borohydride and acetic acid as the key step for selective hydroboration-iodination/oxidation.
Description: 495-499
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.49B(04) [April 2010]

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