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Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of some ⍺-hydroxy carboxylic acids by [bis(trifluoroacetoxy)iodo]benzeneBanerji, Jayshree; Sharma, Pradeep K; Banerji, Kalyan KIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]445-448
Theoretical studies on supramolecular complexes of anthyridone with various diaminopyridine derivativesChen, X; Teng, Q; Wu, S; Xu, LIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]391-395
Apparent molar volumes of oxalic acid in wa-ter and in aqueous solutions of fructose at 293.15, 303.15, 313.15 and 323.15KGupta, Radha Rani; Singh, MukhtarIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]455-458
Kinetics, thermodynamics and sorption characteristics of an inorganic ion exchanger, titanium phosphate, towards first row transition metal ionsMaheria, Kalpana; Chudasama, UmaIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]449-454
Synthesis of some Ni(II) complexes containing 4-substituted benzylidene (4-benzyloxy)benzoylhydrazone ligandHowlader, M B H; Islam, M SIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]440-444
Correlation analysis in the reactions of benzyl bromide with N-substituted anilinesReddy, S Ranga; Rao, B Rajeswara; Manikyamba, PIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]436-439
Photocatalytic bleaching of Evans blue over zinc oxide particulate systemKothari, Sharad; Ameta, Preeti; Ameta, RameshwarIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]432-435
Luminescent properties of blue phosphor Ba₂CaB₆O₁₂:Eu²⁺ under vacuum-ultraviolet and ultraviolet excitationHu, Yucai; Yin, Ping; Cheng, Huirong; Yu, Huidi; Xu, Hui; Liu, Hong; Li, JianIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]428-431
Synthesis, characterization and superoxide dismutase studies of square pyramidal copper(II) complexes with bi and tridentate polyamine ligandsPatel, R N; Singh, Nripendra; Patel, D K; Gundla, V L NIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]422-427
The kinetic study on the effects of mixed aqueous-organic solvents on the rate of O- and N- cyclisation of N-(4'-nitrophenyl)phthalamic acidAhmad, Wan Hamdah Wan; Ariffin, Azhar; Khan, M NiyazIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]416-421
Homogeneous catalysis of manganese(II) in the oxidation of citric acid by bromate: A novel kinetic behaviour of citric acidReddy, Cherkupally SanjeevaIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]407-415
Reactions of pentapseudohalo nitrosyl iron with morpholinomethyl urea and related ligandsAnand, SarikaIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]401-406
Ab initio and DFT investigation of electrophilic addition reaction of chlorine to endo,endo-tetracyclo[³,⁶.0²,⁷] dodeca-4,9-dieneAbbasoglu, Rza; Uygur, YaprakIJCA Vol.46A(3) [March 2007]396-400
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13