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QSAR modeling of thalidomide analogs as antiangiogenic and prostate cancer inhibitor using AM1 calculationsDua, Monica; Revathi, S; Soni, Love Kumar; Gupta, Arun Kumar; Kaskhedikar, S GIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]238-246
Studies on hydrolysis of methyl parathion with Zr(IV), Hf(IV) and Cu(II) catalysts in acidic aqueous solutionsAlgiwale, Tushar Amar; Shinde, C P; PurnanandIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]269-272
Use of 2,4-undecanedione as a liquid chelating ion exchanger for the recovery of various metal ionsVithlani, Niki; Patel, AnjaliIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]290-292
Biosorption of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solution by using prawn pond algae (Sphaeroplea)Popuri, Srinivasa R; S, Kalyani; Kachireddy, Suresh R; A, KrishnaiahIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]284-289
Electrochemical determination of proteins using arsenazo I as voltammetric probeSun, Wei; Zhao, Na; Jiao, KuiIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]280-283
Ferrocene encapsulated lipid and surfactant film on electrode surface: A voltammetric sensor for the determination of trace amounts of thioureaBhattacharjya, Rimki; Das, Diganta KumarIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]276-279
Catalysis by onium salts on the monochromate oxidation of benzhydrols in non-polar media — A kinetic studyBasheer, K Muhammad; Joseph, Joy; Nair, T D RadhakrishnanIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]273-275
Electrochemical reactions at sacrificial electrodes: Synthesis of zinc(II) alkoxides. Part XVIIBanait, J S; Singh, Baljit; Kaur, HarpreetIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]266-268
Photochemical substitution reactions involving nitrosylpentacyanoferrate(II) iodide system using cadmium sulphide as semiconductorChouhan, Mahaveer Singh; Singh, Sadhana; Khandelwal, R CIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]263-265
Acrylic acid grafted PVC membrane based ion selective electrode for calcium and hardness measurement of waterNanda, D; Oak, M S; Kumar, M PravinIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]258-262
Investigation of molecular interactions in ternary liquid mixtures using ultrasonic velocityPalani, R; Meenakshi, KIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]252-257
Synthesis, spectral studies, thermal decomposition kinetics, reactivity and antibacterial activity of some lanthanide(III) nitrate complexes of 2-(N-indole-2-one) amino-3-carboxyethyl -4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzo[b] thiopheneThankamony, M; Mohanan, KIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]247-251
Ternary iron(II) complexes of phenanthroline bases showing DNA binding and cleavage activityRoy, Mithun; Patra, Ashis K; Mukherjee, Arindam; Nethaji, Munirathinam; Chakravarty, Akhil RIJCA Vol.46A(2) [February 2007]227-237
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13