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Title: Preliminary studies on the antivenin potential and phytochemical analysis of the crude extracts of Balanites aegyptiaca (Linn.) Delile on albino rats
Authors: Wufem, B M
Adamu, Harami M
Cham, Y A
Kela, S L
Keywords: Venom;Saw-scaled viper;Echis carinatus;Snake bite;Balanites aegyptiaca;Desert date;Phytochemical screening;Stem bark;Wistar rats
Issue Date: Feb-2007
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code:  Int. cl.8A61K 36/00, A61K 129/00
Abstract: The stem bark of Balanites aegyptiaca (Linn.) Delile which is known as Desert Date was sequentially extracted with hexane, toluene, chloroform, acetone and methanol at room temperature. The effectiveness of acetone and methanol extracts was tested against Saw-scaled (Echis carinatus) viper venom concentration at lethal dose (0.194mg/ml) which was administered intramuscularly into Wistar rats. Both extracts were found to be effective at 75mg/ml and 100mg/ml concentrations. Phytochemical screening of the acetone and the methanol extracts revealed the presence of saponins, tannins and volatile oils.
Page(s): 18-21
ISSN: 0975-1092 (Online); 0972-592X (Print)
Appears in Collections:NPR Vol.6(1) [January-February 2007]

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