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dc.description.abstractThe Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis) gets its name from an Aboriginal word meaning, “keep your eyes open and look around you.” Obviously David Noble, New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Officer was doing just that one sunny afternoon in 1994 when he spotted a big tree which looked like a tree fern with attractive and unusually green foliage. The specific name nobilis is a tribute to him for having discovered “one of the oldest and rarest trees” on Earth with only about a hundred mature trees growing in the wild. Commenting on the discovery, Professor Carrick Chambers of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens said: “The discovery of the Wollemi pine is the equivalent of finding a small dinosaur on Earth.”en_US
dc.sourceSR Vol.47(4) [April 2010]en_US
dc.titleLiving Fossils- Wollemi Pineen_US
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