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Herbal Medicines : Are they safe?Parle, Milind; Bansal, NitinNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]6-14
Ginger shreds as flavouring in ice creamPinto, Suneeta; Rathour, A K; Jana, A H; Prajapati, J P; Solanky, M JNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]15-18
Utilization of Cosmos sulphureus Cav. flower dye on wool using mordant combinationsKale, Sunita; Naik, Sangita; Deodhar, SuchetaNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]19-24
Anti-HIV substances of natural origin – An updated accountSharma, Prabodh C; Sharma, O P; Vasudeva, Neeru; Mishra, D N; Singh, S KNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]70-78
Antimicrobial properties of Heracleum candicans Wall.Kaur, Mohinder; Thakur, Yogita; Thakur, Munish; Chand, RomeshNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]25-28
Medicinal plants used by the tribal and rural people of Satna district, Madhya Pradesh for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and disordersDwivedi, S. N; Dwivedi, Sangeeta; Patel, P CNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]60-63
Propagation prospects of dye yielding plant, Rhinacanthus nasutus (Linn.) KurzDas, NilanjanaNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]42-43
Effect of feeding Linseed on the lipid profile of rats Modgil, R; Arora, S; Samuels, RNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]29-32
Benzyl amino purine and adenine sulphate induced rapid multiple shoot and root induction from nodal explants of Brahmi [Bacopa monnieri (Linn.)Penn.]Ramesh, M; Saravanakumar, R M; Pandian, S KaruthaNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]44-51
Plants used in folklore medicine by Bangnis of East Kameng, Arunachal PradeshGupta, VishalNPR Vol.5(1) [January-February 2006]52-59