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Title: <i style="">In vitro</i> propagation of<i style=""> Ceropegia bulbosa</i> using nodal segments
Authors: Goyal, Divya
Bhadauria, Seema
Keywords: <i style="">in vitro</i> propagation
<i style="">Ceropegia bulbosa</i>
threatened species
nodal explant
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: CSIR
Series/Report no.: Int. Cl.<sup>8</sup> A01H4/00
Abstract: <i style="">In vitro</i> propagation of <i style="">Ceropegia bulbosa,</i> a threatened species has been achieved, which could be used to conserve it. Initially, nutrient media used were basal MS medium and MS media supplemented with cytokinins, BAP (2.22-8.87 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) or kinetin (2.32-9.29 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) or TDZ (2.27-9.08 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) with combination of GA (0.58 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) and NAA (0.27 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) Nodal explants were used for establishing <i style="">in vitro </i>cultures. Mercuric chloride eliminated the contamination effectively from nodal explants after treating with Bavistin and Streptomycin with a good survival rate. One or two buds developed from a node after two weeks. BAP (4.44 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) with GA (0.58 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) and NAA (0.27 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) showed highest frequency of formation of shoots (85%). Microshoots were transferred on MS medium supplemented with different concentrations of auxins IAA (2.85-11.42 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) and NAA (2.69-10.74 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) with BAP (3.55 µ<i style="">M</i>/L) for rooting. IAA (11.42 µM/L) with BAP (3.55 µ<i style="">M</i>/ L) showed highest rooting percentage. The rooted plantlets were acclimatized and hardened successfully within ten days of transferring them into plastic cups containing sterilized vermiculite for hardening.
Description: 565-567
ISSN: 0975-0967 (Online); 0972-5849 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJBT Vol.05(4) [October 2006]

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