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A modified quarter point element for fracture analysis of cracksPaul, Sayantan; Rao, B NIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]31-38
Flow characteristics in a transition duct passing from rectangular section to circular sectionGül, Hasan; Evin, DuyguIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]12-18
Study of surface roughness in squeeze casting LM6 aluminium alloy using Taguchi methodVijian, P; Arunachalam, V P; Charles, SIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]7-11
Pavement rutting characterization using deflection basin parametersGopalakrishnan, Kasthurirangan; Thompson, Marshall RIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]39-47
Failure cause analysis of welded jointsSehgal, Rakesh; Angra, Surjit; Sharma, VinodIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]24-30
Effect of process conditions on microstructure and performance of thermally evaporated InSb thin filmsSingh, Sukhvir; Lal, Kasturi; Srivastava, A K; Sood, K N; Kishore, RamIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]55-63
Studies on mitigation of moisture damage in bituminous pavementsJain, P K; Sengupta, J BIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]48-54
Theoretical prediction of detonation pressure of CHNO high energy materialsKeshavarz, M HIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]77-80
Hydration of bamboo leaf ash blended Portland cementSingh, N B; Das, S S; Singh, N P; Dwivedi, V NIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]69-76
Electrical and dielectric properties of double doped BaTiO₃Mohiddon, Md A; Goel, P; Yadav, K L; Kumar, M; Yadav, P KIJEMS Vol.14(1) [February 2007]64-68