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Title: Wound healing potential of <i style="">Ocimum sanctum </i>Linn. with induction of tumor necrosis factor-<img src='/image/spc_char/alpha.gif' border=0>
Authors: Goel, Anjana
Kumar, Sandeep
Singh, Dilip Kumar
Bhatia, Ashok Kumar
Keywords: Cytokine induction
<i style="">Ocimum sanctum</i>
TNF-<img src='/image/spc_char/alpha.gif' border=0>
Wound healing
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: <i style="">Ocimum sanctum,</i> a well known herb in Indian medicine, possesses various therapeutic properties including healing properties and cytokine induction. Wound healing activity of cold aqueous extract of <i style="">O</i>.<i style=""> sanctum</i> leaves along with its effect on tumor necrosis factor-<img src='/image/spc_char/alpha.gif' border=0> (TNF-<img src='/image/spc_char/alpha.gif' border=0> ) was assessed using excision model of wound repair in Wistar albino rats. After application of the <i>O</i>.<i> sanctum</i> extract, rate of epithelization with an increase in wound contraction was observed. In animals, treated with 10% <i style="">O</i>.<i style=""> sanctum</i> extract in petroleum jelly, wound healing was faster as compared to control group which were treated with petroleum jelly alone but significant accelerated healing was noticed in animals which in addition to the topical application of 10% extract of <i style="">O</i>.<i style=""> sanctum</i>, were prefed with 250mg/kg body weight of aqueous <i style="">O</i>.<i style=""> sanctum</i> extract daily for 20 consecutive days. During wound healing phase TNF-<img src='/image/spc_char/alpha.gif' border=0> level was found to be up regulated by <i style="">O</i>.<i style=""> sanctum</i> treatment. Early wound healing may be pronounced due to <i style="">O</i>.<i style=""> sanctum</i> extract, by elevating TNF-<img src='/image/spc_char/alpha.gif' border=0> production.
Description: 402-406
ISSN: 0975-1009 (Online); 0019-5189 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJEB Vol.48(04) [April 2010]

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