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Adaptation of microsomal glutathione transferase 1 in PC12 cells with modified PMCA isoforms compositionBoczek, Tomasz; Kozaczuk, Anna; Taha, Joanna; Ferenc, Bozena; Zylinska, LudmilaIJBB Vol.47(5) [October 2010]265-271
Structural insight to mutated Y116S transthyretin by molecular dynamics simulationBanerjee, Avik; Bairagya, Hridoy R; Mukhopadhyay, Bishnu P; Nandi, Tapas K; Bera, Asim KIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]197-202
Molecular cloning, purification and characterization of thermostable -1,3-1,4 glucanase from Bacillus subtilis A8-8Jung, Youn-Ju; Lee, Yong-Seok; Park, In-Hye; Chandra, M Subhosh; Kim, Keun-Ki; Choi, Yong-LarkIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]203-210
Serum protein profiling to identify biomarkers for small renal cell carcinomaXu, Gang; Hou, Chen-Rui; Jiang, Hao-Wen; Xiang, Cui-Qin; Shi, Nong; Yuan, Hai-Chuan; Ding, Qiang; Zhang, Yuan-FangIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]211-218
Role of H2O2 and cell wall monoamine oxidases in germination of Vigna radiata seedsVerma, Giti; Sharma, SamirIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]249-253
Reinstate hydrogen peroxide as the product of alternative oxidase of plant mitochondriaBhate, Radha; Ramasarma, TIJBB Vol.47(5) [October 2010]306-310
Isolation of choline monooxygenase (CMO) gene from Salicornia europaea and enhanced salt tolerance of transgenic tobacco with CMO genesWu, S; Su, Q; An, L JIJBB Vol.47(5) [October 2010]298-305
Characterization of water distribution and activities of enzymes during germination in magnetically-exposed maize (Zea mays L) seedsVashisth, Ananta; Nagarajan, ShanthaIJBB Vol.47(5) [October 2010]311-318
Efficacy of Setarud (IMOD®), a novel drug with potent anti-toxic stress potential in rat inflammatory bowel disease and comparison with dexamethasone and infliximabBaghaei, Amir; Esmaily, Hadi; Abdolghaffari, Amir Hossein; Baeeri, Maryam; Gharibdoost, Farhad; Abdollahi, MohammadIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]219-226
Anti-hyperglycemic and anti-oxidative effect of aqueous extract of Momordica charantia pulp and Trigonella foenum graecum seed in alloxan-induced diabetic ratsTripathi, Uma Nath; Chandra, DeepakIJBB Vol.47(4) [August 2010]227-233