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Lion or Tiger – Who’s the Real King of the Jungle?Pandey, ShakuntSR Vol.51(12) [December 2014]34-37
Dangerous Mating Games in the Animal WorldPandey, ShakuntSR Vol.52(02) [February 2015]46-48
Bengal Food Bowl Under ThreatPandey, ShakuntSR Vol.52(06) [June 2015]26-28
Rains of Fishes!Pandey, ShakuntSR Vol.52(10) [October 2015]34-37
The Black TigerPandey, ShakuntSR Vol.53(08) [August 2016]20-22
Vertical Farming – Key to Mitigating World’s Hunger?Pandey, ShakuntSR Vol.54(04) [April 2017]14-19
Madhusudan Gupta: The Man who carried out India’s First DissectionPandey, ShakuntSR Vol.54(11) [November 2017]49-50
Quest for Mining Asteroids BeginsPandey, ShakuntSR Vol.55(11) [November 2018]26-29
Sports Technology of the FuturePandey, ShakuntSR Vol.55(09) [September 2018]19-22
Mumbai Zoo’s Penguin Chick Creates MilestonePandey, ShakuntSR Vol.55(10) [October 2018]20-23