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Title: Synthesis and structural characterization of a new ruthenium hydride ethylene complex
Authors: Nagaraja, C M
Nethaji, Munirathinam
Jagirdar, Balaji R
Keywords: Coordination chemistry;Ruthenium;Dihydrogen complexes;Hydrides
Issue Date: Feb-2010
Publisher: CSIR
IPC Code: Int. Cl.9 C007F15/00
Abstract: A ruthenium(II) ethylene complex, trans-[Ru(H)(C2H4)-(dppm)2][BF4], bearing two 1,1-bis(diphenylphosphino) methane (dppm) ligands has been synthesized and structurally characterized using X-ray crystallography. In the molecular structure, the RuII center shows a distorted octahedral coordination geometry formed by four P atoms of the two chelating dppm ligands, a hydride, and an ethylene ligands. The four dppm P atoms are almost co-planar with the hydride and the ethylene ligands perpendicular to this plane. The C-C bond distance of the bound ethylene is 1.375(6) Å, which is elongated by 0.042 Å as compared to free ethylene (1.333(2) Å). The packing diagram of the complex shows two voids or channels, which are occupied by BF4 counterion and water molecules.
Page(s): 167-170
ISSN: 0975-0975(Online); 0376-4710(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-A Vol.49A(02) [February 2010]

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