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Fibres-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]15-17
New technologies/S&T Know-how developed-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]53-58
Fruits-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]21-25
Oils/Fats-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]35-38
Feed/Fodder-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]13-15
Spices/Condiments-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]40-42
Gums/Rubber-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]29-32
Vegetables-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]48-50
Beverages-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]5-7
Dyes-NPARR Vol.1(1) [January 2010]8-11