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Antibacterial and antitubercular activities of some diphenyl hydrazones and semicarbazonesS Raja, A; K Agarwal, A; Mahajan, N; N Pandeya, S; Ananthan, SIJC-B Vol.49B(10) [October 2010]1384-1388
An elegant one-pot synthesis of isoxazolo[2,3- ]pyrimidinesRajanarendar, E; Raju, S; Nagi Reddy, M; Rama Murthy, KIJC-B Vol.49B(10) [October 2010]1422-1427
Sodium carbonate: A versatile catalyst for Knoevenagel condensationA Pasha, M; Manjula, Krishnappa; P Jayashankara, VIJC-B Vol.49B(10) [October 2010]1428-1431
Synthesis, antimicrobial and insecticidal activity of some 4H-1,2,4 triazole derivativesGautam, Nidhi; Chourasia, O PIJC-B Vol.49B(07) [July 2010]956-959
Simple and efficient synthesis of Fmoc/Boc/Cbz-protected-b-amino alcohols and peptidyl alcohols employing Boc2OH S, Lalithamba; V Sureshbabu, VomminaIJC-B Vol.49B(10) [October 2010]1372-1378
Synthesis and in-vitro biological evaluation of some quinazolin substituted pyrazoles, pyrazolones and 1,3,4-oxadiazolesSah, Pramilla; Kaul, VasudhaIJC-B Vol.49B(10) [October 2010]1406-1412
Microwave-assisted synthesis and antibacterial activity of 1-[3-(3-fluorophenyl) [1,8]naphthyridn-2-yl]-3-(2-oxo-2H-chromenyl)-1H-4-pyrazolecarbaldehydes using solid supportMogilaiah, K; Shiva Prasad, R; Shiva Kumar, KIJC-B Vol.49B(10) [October 2010]1417-1421
Synthesis of new isoxazolyl coumarins by eco-friendly dipyridine cobalt chloride catalyzed Pechmann reaction at ambient temperatureRajanarendar, E; Shaik, Firoz Pasha; Reddy, M NagiIJC-B Vol.49B(04) [April 2010]532-535
Three component one pot synthesis of β-amino ketones mediated by (bromodimethyl)sulfonium bromideShailaja, M; Manjula, A; Rao, B VittalIJC-B Vol.49B(04) [April 2010]482-486
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of certain benzimidazole and fused benzimidazole derivativesEisa, Hassan M; Barghash, Alaa-eldin M; Badr, Sahar M; Farahat, Abdelbasset AIJC-B Vol.49B(11) [November 2010]1515-1525