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Production of fibrolytic enzymes in repeat-batch culture using immobilized zoospores of anaerobic rumen fungiSridhar, Manpal; Kumar, DeepakIJBT Vol.9(1) [January 2010]87-95
Homology modeling and docking studies between HIV-1 protease and carbamic acidBalakrishnan, M; Srivastava, R C; Pokhriyal, MayankIJBT Vol.9(1) [January 2010]96-100
Antibiotic resistance profile of halophilic microorganisms isolated from tannery effluentGhosh, Rakesh; Chattopadhyay, Pijush Kanti; Chattopadhyay, Budhhadeb; Pal, DebasishIJBT Vol.9(1) [January 2010]80-86
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from callus cultures of Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.Nagesh, K S; Shanthamma, C; Pullaiah, TIJBT Vol.9(4) [October 2010]408-413
Direct shoot organogenesis and plant regeneration in rough lemon (Citrus jambhiri Lush.)Saini, H K; Gill, M S; Gill, M I SIJBT Vol.9(4) [October 2010]419-423
High frequency somatic embryogenesis in Ceropegia spiralis Wight—An endemic and endangered medicinal plantSri Rama Murthy, K; Kondamudi, R; Pullaiah, TIJBT Vol.9(4) [October 2010]414-418
Molecular characterization of diversity and relationship among almond [Prunus dulcis Miller (D.A.Webb)] cultivars and indigenous selectionsSharma, G; Sharma, NirmalIJBT Vol.9(4) [October 2010]378-383
Standardization of DNA isolation and PCR parameters in Garcinia spp. for RAPD analysisAsish, G R; Parthasarathy, Utpala; Nithya, N GIJBT Vol.9(4) [October 2010]424-426
Proteomic approach to autoimmune disorders: A reviewPradhan, Vandana D; Deshpande, Neha R; Ghosh, KIJBT Vol.9(1) [January 2010]13-17
Isolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria from curd and cucumberPatil, Mahantesh M; Pal, Ajay; Anand, T; Ramana, K VIJBT Vol.9(2) [April 2010]166-172