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Title: Force on vertically submerged circular thin plate in shallow water due to oblique wave
Authors: Roy, Pradip Deb
Ghosh, Sukamal
Keywords: Obliquely incident wave;Linear wave;Morison’s equation;Laplace equation;Wave force;Moment.
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract:  This paper describes a solution of obliquely incident surface wave force on circular plate in shallow water. Small amplitude linear wave theory is used on vertically submerged circular thin plates under three different configurations: (1) a surface-piercing circular thin plate, (2) a submerged circular thin plate and (3) a bottom-standing circular thin plate. Finally Morison’s equation is used for the determination of wave force. The plates are submerged in water near the shore on uniformly sloping bottom. The solution method is confined in a finite domain, which contains the regions of different depth of water and the plate. Employing Laplace equation and boundary value problems in the finite domain, the desired velocity potential for small amplitude linear wave is derived by separation of variables. Horizontal wave force and moment are obtained with respect to the wave amplitude at different incident angles of wave as well as with different depth of water and different wave period. It is observed that these forces and moments are converging with the increase in wave period whereas the steepness of force and moment against wave amplitude are extremely high for small wave period.
Page(s): 411-417
ISSN: 0975-1033 (Online); 0379-5136 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]

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