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Title: Feed/Fodder
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: Nat Prod Rad, Vol. 8(6), Nov-Dec. 2009, 574-75 Sinclair LA, Hart KJ, Wilkinson RG and Huntington JA, Effects of inclusion of whole-crop pea silages differing in their tannin content on the performance of dairy cows fed high or low protein concentrates, Livestock Sci, 2009, 124 (1-3), 306-313

Nat Prod Rad, Vol. 8(6), Nov-Dec. 2009, 575 Keogh B, French P, Murphy JJ, Mee JF, T. McGrath T, Storey T, Grant J and Mulligan FJ, A note on the effect of dietary proportions of kale (Brassica oleracea) and grass silage on rumen pH and volatile fatty acid concentrations in dry dairy cows, Livestock Sci, 2009, 126 (1-3), 302-305

Nat Prod Rad, Vol. 8(6), Nov-Dec. 2009, 576 Gutta VR, Kannan G, Lee JH, Kouakou B and Getz WR, Influences of short-term pre-slaughter dietary manipulation in sheep and goats on pH and microbial loads of gastrointestinal tract, Small Rumin Res, 2009, 81 (1), 21-28.

Nat Prod Rad, Vol. 8(6), Nov-Dec. 2009, 576 Castro T, Manso T, Jimeno V, Del Alamo M and Mantecón AR, Effects of dietary sources of vegetable fats on performance of dairy ewes and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in milk, Small Rumin Res, 2009, 84 (1-3), 47-53

Nat Prod Rad, Vol. 8(6), Nov-Dec. 2009, 577 Sun Ya-Bo and Zhao Guang-Yong, The relationship between the volatile fatty acids supply and the nitrogen retention in growing sheep nourished by total intragastric infusions, Small Rumin Res, 2009, 81(1), 8-12

Nat Prod Rad, Vol. 8(6), Nov-Dec. 2009, 577 Souza EJ, Guim A, Batista AMV, Santos KL, Silva JR, Morais NAP and Mustafa AF, Effects of soybean hulls inclusion on intake, total tract nutrient utilization and ruminal fermentation of goats fed spineless cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica Mill) based diets, Small Rumin Res, 2009, 85 (1), 63-69

Nat Prod Rad, Vol. 8(6), Nov-Dec. 2009, 578 Piquer O, Ródenas L, Casado C, Blas E and Pascual JJ, Whole citrus fruits as an alternative to wheat grain or citrus pulp in sheep diet: Effect on the evolution of ruminal parameters, Small Rumin Res, 2009, 83 (1-3), 14-21
Page(s): 574-578
ISSN: 0975-1092(Online); 0972-592X(Print)
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