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Title: Synthesis of novel calix[4]arenes containing one and two substituents on the “upper rim”
Authors: Lei, Li
Ping, Lv
chunying, Xian
Limin, Zheng
Keywords: <b style=""> </b><i style="">p</i>-<i style="">tert</i>-Butylcalix[4]arene
upper rim
Issue Date: Sep-2006
Publisher: CSIR
Series/Report no.: Int Cl.<sup>8 </sup>C07C
Abstract: Procedures are described for the removal of the <i style="">p</i>-butyl groups from <i style="">p</i>-<i style="">tert</i>-butylcalix[4]arene and the introduction of benzoyl, nitro, amino and acrylamido groups to yield a series of mono- and bis-substituted compounds on the “upper rim” with potential possibility to polymerized with other monomers. These compounds have been characterized by IR, <sup>1</sup>H NMR, elemental analysis and ESI-MS. As the upper rim of the calix[4]arene, which has the site group of polymerization, can be linked into the chains of the polyimides, the ultimate goal of the project is to find a new application for the well established binding properties of calix[4]arene and to develop polyimides that are suitable for the recovery of metal ions from waste water, gas separation and ion-specific electrodes.
Description: 2118-2122
ISSN: 0975-0983(Online); 0376-4699(Print)
Appears in Collections:IJC-B Vol.45B(09) [September 2006]

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