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Bibliometrics and scientometrics in India: An overview of studies during 1995-2014 Part II: Contents of the articles in terms of disciplines and their bibliometric aspectsGarg, K.C.; Tripathi, H.K.ALIS Vol.65(1) [March 2018]7-42
An analysis of the citation pattern of Indian science journals indexed by SCIEGarg, K.C.; Kumar, S.ALIS Vol.57(4) [December 2010]365-372
Plant genetics and breeding research: Scientometric profile of selected countries with special reference to IndiaGarg, K.C.; Kumar, S.; Bhatia, V.K.; Ramasubramanian, V.; Kumar, Amrender; Kumari, JyotiALIS Vol.58(2) [June 2011]184-197
Scientometric profile of the journal MausamGarg, K.C.; Sharma, Praveen; Kumar, SureshALIS Vol. 55(1) [March 2008]76-80
Indian scientific output as seen through Indian Science AbstractsKumar, Suresh; Garg, K.C.; Dutt, BharviALIS Vol.56(3) [September 2009]163-168
Foreign authored contributions to Indian science periodicalsGarg, K.C.; Kumar, SureshALIS Vol.56(2) [June 2009]80-85
Scientometrics of cereal crops research in India as reflected through Indian Science Abstracts and CAB Abstracts during 1965-2010Tripathi, H.K.; Sharma, Jaideep; Garg, K.C.ALIS Vol.62(3) [September 2015]145-156
A quantitative assessment of the articles on environmental issues published in English-language Indian dailiesDutt, Bharvi; Garg, K.C.; Bhatta, ArchitaALIS Vol.60(3) [September 2013]219-226
Scientometric profile of global forest fungal researchJoshi, Kirti; Kshitij, Avinash; Garg, K.C.ALIS Vol.57(2) [June 2010]130-139
Coverage and overlap of primary journals indexed by Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts and Library and Information Science AbstractsGarg, K.C.; Kumar, Suresh; Singh, Rahul KumarALIS Vol.65(4) [December 2018]261-267