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Ranganathan’s elucidation of subject in the light of ‘Infinity (∞)’Dutta, BidyarthiALIS Vol.62(4) [December 2015]255-264
IN SEARCH OF AN AXIOMATIC CONCEPT OF DOCUMENTDutta, Bidyarthi; Das, Anup KumarALIS Vol.52(1) [March 2005]25-30
A linguistic view of subject formation process as described by Ranganathan and othersDutta, Bidyarthi; Dutta, ChaitaliALIS Vol.61(1) [March 2014]56-64
An analytical model to interpret continuous expansion of universe of subjectsDutta, Bidyarthi; Sen, B.K.ALIS Vol.58(1) [March 2011]49-54
One hundred years of Indian LIS periodicalsDutta, Bidyarthi; Sen, B.K.ALIS Vol.61(3) [September 2014]167-192
In search of dimensions of subject from the standpoint of RanganathanDutta, Bidyarthi; Majumder, Krishnapada; Sen, B. K.ALIS Vol.60(1) [March 2013]51-55
Concept of ‘subject’ in the context of library and information science from a new angleDutta, Bidyarthi; Dutta, ChaitaliALIS Vol.60(2) [June 2013]78-87
Classification of keywords extracted from research articles published in science journalsDutta, Bidyarthi; Majumder, Krishnapada; Sen, B.K.ALIS Vol.55(4) [December 2008]317-333
AN INTRODUCTION TO AUDITING AND CONTROL OF DIGITAL LIBRARY SYSTEMSDas, Anup Kumar; Dutta, BidyarthiALIS Vol.51(3) [September 2004]99-103
An analytical model for investigation of some characteristics of the keywords of the subject fermi liquid: a case studyDutta, Bidyarthi; Majumder, Krishnapada; Sen, B.K.ALIS Vol.56(4) [December 2009]273-290