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Title: Hydrogen peroxide commences copper induced DNA damage isolated from human blood: <i style="">In vitro</i> study
Authors: Prasad, Rajendra
Kumar, Sheetal R
Kumar, Sandeep
Keywords: Copper
DNA damage
DNA fragmentation
Hydrogen peroxide
Issue Date: May-2006
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract: The present study revealed the damaging effects of copper and hydrogen peroxide on DNA isolated from human blood in <i style="">in vitro</i>. Ultra violet spectral studies showed that copper and H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub> alone (at 20 m<i style="">M</i>) caused destabilization of DNA structure. Notwithstanding, the effect was more prominent in combination of copper and H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub>. Further, agarose gel electrophoretic studies revealed that neither copper nor H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub> alone had DNA fragmentation (up to 40 m<i style="">M</i> concentration), while copper and H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2 </sub>together caused massive DNA fragmentation even at lower concentrations (4 m<i style="">M</i> copper + 4 m<i style="">M</i> H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub>). Therefore, it was concluded from the present study that the observed destabilization of DNA associated with alterations in configuration and subsequently massive DNA fragmentation was in response to copper and H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub>. Further, fluorescence spectroscopy and TUNNEL assay will address destabilization and fragmentation of naked DNA more precisely.
Description: 377-380
ISSN: 0975-1009 (Online); 0019-5189 (Print)
Appears in Collections:IJEB Vol.44(05) [May 2006]

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