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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2006Theoretical study of facial selectivity and regioselectivity in electrophilic addition reaction of chlorine to exo-tricyclo[,5]nona-3,7-diene Abbasoglu, Rza; Yilrnaz, Sevil Savaskan
Jul-20062,3-Diphenyltetrahydrofurans (DPTF) - A new class of stereogenic diarylheterocycles as potential COX-2 inhibitors - Computational evaluation of COX-2-DPTF binding behaviourSingh, Palwinder; Kaur, Pervinder; Anu; Kumar, Subodh
Jul-2006Isomerization of the Baylis-Hillman adducts using amberlyst-15 as a heterogeneous reusable catalyst: a simple and efficient stereoselective synthesis of (E)-cinnamyl alcohol derivativesDas, Biswanath; Banerjee, Joydeep; Majhi, Anjoy; Chowdhury, Nikhil; Venkateswarlu, Katta; Holla, Harish
Jul-2006Synthesis and studies of novel homoveratryl based thiohydantoins as antibacterial as well as anti-HIV agentsPatel, R B; Desai, K R; Chikhalia, K H
Jul-2006Synthesis and antibacterial activity of new oxadiazolo[1,3,5]-triazine, 1,2,4 triazolo and thiadiazolo 1,3,4 oxadiazole derivativesMulwad, V V; Chaskar, Atul C
Jul-2006Protonation effect on chemical shifts of some piperidones — unusual influence by anionsManimekalai, A; Jayabharathi, J
Jul-2006Phytochemical investigation of the flowers of Punica granatumAli, M; Sharma, N
Jul-2006Synthesis of novel substituted / unsubstituted- (2,8-bis-trifluoromethyl-quinolin-4-yloxy)-acetic acid: Derivatives of cephalosporin and their antibacterial activitySingh, Santosh Kumar; Nahta, Ajay; Tiwari, R P; Jain, Praveen
Jul-2006Microwave assisted facile synthesis of amino pyrimidines bearing benzofuran and investigation of their antimicrobial activityKumar, D B Aruna; Prakash, G K; Kumaraswamy, M N; Nandeshwarappa, B P; Sherigara, B S; Mahadevan, K M
Jul-2006Synthesis of N-3(4-(4-chlorophenyl thiazole-2-yl)-(2-(amino)methyl)-quinazoline-4(3H)-one and their derivatives for antitubercular activityPattan, Shashikant R; Reddy, V V Krishna; Manvi, F V; Desai, B G; Bhat, A R
Jul-2006 Synthesis of a modified peptide fragment analog Val-Tyr (P)-Val-Ala-Ala-OH of cAMP protein kinase regulatory sub unit type II employing Fmoc chemistry Devaraju, Kuramkote Shivanna; Patil, Basanagoud S; Tantry, Subramanyam J; Babu, S V Suresh; Shetty K, Taranath; Babu, Vommina V Suresh
Jul-2006Solid phase synthesis of nuclear localization signal on a new PS-TTEGDA polymer supportSamuel, Daisy; Renil, M; Pillai, V N Rajasekharan
Jul-2006Antibacterial and antifungal studies on some new acetylcinnolines and cinnolinyl thiazole derivativesNarayana, B; Raj, K K Vijaya; Ashalatha, B V; Kumari, N Suchetha
Jul-2006Synthesis of some novel ethyl 5-methyl-6-cyano-7-substituted-2-oxo-2H-pyrano [2, 3-b] pyridine-3-carboxylate derivativesKumar, N Vasanth; Mashelker, Uday C
Jul-2006Microwave assisted rapid and efficient synthesis of nitrogen and sulphur containing heterocyclic compounds and their pharmacological evaluationMistry, Ketan; Desai, K R
Jul-2006Diterpenes from the seeds of locally grown of Zea maysHossain, M Amzad; Islam, A; Jolly, Y N; Ahsan, M Aminul
Jul-2006An efficient and regiospecific biocatalytic esterification of some organic acids using beef pancreas lipase (Bpl)Roy, H N; Sarkar, M S; Paul, A M
Jul-2006Three-component Mannich-type reaction catalyzed by iodineKataki, Dolly; Phukan, Prodeep
Jul-2006Studies in the synthesis of 2-mercapto-5-methoxybenzimidazoleMahajan, S S; Nandre, R G
Jul-2006Synthesis and characterization of new isoxazoles derived from benzosuberonesPeesapati, Venkateswarlu; Bathini, Srinivas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20