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Characteristic features of ICMEs associated with big storms in geomagnetic activity and large Forbush decreases in cosmic ray intensityGupta, V; Singh, Y P; BadruddinIJRSP Vol.39(5) [October 2010]265-269
Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling: Pi2 observationsSinha, A K; Vohat, P; Pathan, B MIJRSP Vol.39(5) [October 2010]257-264
Characteristics of interplanetary CMEs observed by UlyssesBenjamin, A Dickson; Nayar, S R PrabhakaranIJRSP Vol.39(5) [October 2010]270-275
Response of ionospheric foF2 over south east Asian sector to geomagnetic storm of 29 October 1973David, T W; Chukwuma, V UIJRSP Vol.41(3) [June 2012]332-338
Effects of recent solar events on cosmic rays and Earth’s geomagnetic fieldJothe, Mukesh K; Shrivastava, Pankaj KIJRSP Vol.40(4) [August 2011]179-182
Relationship between Dst and solar wind conditions during intense geomagnetic stormsBakare, N O; Chukwuma, V UIJRSP Vol.39(3) [June 2010]150-155
Relationship between Dst(min) magnitudes and characteristics of ICMEsKane, R PIJRSP Vol.39(4) [August 2010]177-183
Geomagnetic observations and ionospheric response during storm on 14 April 2006Bakare, N O; Chukwuma, V U; Adekoya, B JIJRSP Vol.39(2) [April 2010]71-79
Effect of solar wind speed variations on other interplanetary parametersDwivedi, Vidya Charan; Pandey, V S; Tiwari, D P; Agrawal, S PIJRSP Vol.39(5) [October 2010]252-256
Response of equatorial ionosphere during the super geomagnetic storm of April 2000Rastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.45(2) [June 2016]67-78