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Potential analysis of sunspot parameters and behaviour of random noiseJayalekshmi, G L; Prince, P R; Kumar, K SatheeshIJRSP Vol.46(2) [June 2017]55-65
Characterization of secondary radioclimatic variables for microwave and millimeter wave link design in NigeriaOjo, Olalekan L; Ojo, Joseph S; Akinyemi, PelumiIJRSP Vol.46(3) [September 2017]83-90
A study on the response of Indian dip and low latitude ionospheric regions to a limb centred X9.0 class solar flareKumar, Pramod; Choudhary, Raj K; Bhatt, Yogesh C; Shishodia, Yadvendra SIJRSP Vol.46(2) [June 2017]37-45
Effect of electric field inhomogeneity on kinetic Alfven wave in an inhomogeneous magnetosphereDwivedi, A K; Tiwari, M SIJRSP Vol.46(2) [June 2017]46-54
Effect of general loss-cone distribution function on EIC waves in multi- component plasma-particle aspect approachRaikwar, B D; Varma, P; Tiwari, M SIJRSP Vol.46(3) [September 2017]71-82
Multi-wavelength study of a flare and burst associated coronal mass ejectionSubramanian, S Prasanna; Selvarani, G; Shanmugaraju, AIJRSP Vol.46(3) [September 2017]91-97
Ionospheric scintillation characteristics in IRNSS L5 and S-band signalsSujimol, M R; Shahana, KIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]15-19
Space debris: Reasons, types, impacts and managementSylvestre, Habimana; Parama, V R RamakrishnaIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]20-26
A review of potential radiative effect of aerosol on climateKumar, Raj; Guleria, Raj PaulIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]5-14
Relation between interplanetary parameters and geomagnetic field variations during solar cycle 24Kumar, U L Visakh; Varghese, Bilin Susan; Kurian, P JIJRSP Vol.46(1) [March 2017]27-31