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Monitoring of snow surface temperature in North-West Himalaya using passive microwave satellite dataSingh, K K; DewaIi, S K; Singh, Dhiraj Kumar; Mishra, V D; Kaur, ManjinderIJRSP Vol.45(1) [March 2016]20-29
Association between earthquake and equatorial waves in outgoing longwave radiation over South East AsiaLal, Manohar; Bhagavathiammal, G JIJRSP Vol.45(1) [March 2016]30-40
On low value of surface ozone during winter in DelhiChakrabarty, D K; Peshin, S KIJRSP Vol.45(1) [March 2016]41-47
Detection of ionospheric spatial and temporal gradients for ground based augmentation system applicationsRaghunath, Swapna; Ratnam, D VenkataIJRSP Vol.45(1) [March 2016]11-19
Equatorial M(3000)F2 estimation of F2-layer models peak heights during high solar activityEhinlafa, O EIJRSP Vol.45(1) [March 2016]5-10
Investigation of ionospheric and geomagnetic response during 2011 Tohoku earthquake using ground based measurementYaso, Norbaizura; Hasbi, Alina Marie; Abdullah, MardinaIJRSP Vol.45(3) [September 2016]115-125
Changes in foF2 parameter in the ionosphere at mid and low latitude before and after earthquakeKaur, Harleen; Verma, Shivali; Purohit, Pramod KumarIJRSP Vol.45(3) [September 2016]101-114
Temporal & Latitudinal Variations of O+ & H+ Transition Levels Obtained by Intercosmos-2 Satellite Data Propagation Characteristics of an Antenna in an Incompressible PlasmaAgarwal, D. C.IJRSP Vol.04(4) [December 1975]296-298
Response of equatorial ionosphere during the super geomagnetic storm of April 2000Rastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.45(2) [June 2016]67-78
Study on surface ozone and its precursors at an urban site of Delhi, IndiaSharma, A; Sharma, S K; Pathak, U; Gupta, N C; Mandal, T KIJRSP Vol.45(3) [September 2016]95-100