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Spread F at tropical latitude stations in IndiaRastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]177-186
Equatorial electrojet in the African sectorRastogi, R G; Chandra, HIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]187-198
Evaluation of capacitance matrix of artificial orbiting satellitesAlad, Rizwan H; Chakrabarty, S BIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]199-204
Investigations of slow and fast coronal mass ejections and their associated activities in Solar cycle 24Lawrance, M Bendict; Shanmugaraju, A; Subramanian, S PrasannaIJRSP Vol.44(3) [September 2015]113-121
Optical properties of cirrus clouds in the tropical tropopause region during two contrasting seasonsMotty, G S; Satyanarayana, Malladi; Jayeshlal, G S; Krishnakumar, V; Pillai, V P MahadevanIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]155-166
Study of O+(2P-2D) 732.0 nm dayglow emission under geomagnetic storm conditionsDharwan, Maneesha; Singh, VirIJRSP Vol.44(4) [December 2015]167-176
Climatic variance and its effects on decametric Jovian signal reception at a high altitude station DarjeelingMondal, S; Bhattacharya, A BIJRSP Vol.44(3) [September 2015]126-131
Electrical conductivity of the stratosphere over Hyderabad, India: Results from Balloon borne measurementsGupta, S P; Thampi, Smitha VIJRSP Vol.44(3) [September 2015]132-137
GNSS positioning accuracy over Nigeria during geomagnetic storm of 24-27 October 2011 and 7-10 October 2012Joseph, Omojola; Johnson, Abimbola OladiranIJRSP Vol.44(3) [September 2015]138-146
Short term variability in foF2 and TEC over low latitude stations in the Indian sectorSaranya, P L; Prasad, D S V V D; Niranjan, K; Rao, P V S RamaIJRSP Vol.44(1) [March 2015]14-27