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Artificial neural network (ANN) for modelling earth’s magnetic field belonging to solar minimum observed at a low latitude station AlibagUnnikrishnan, KIJRSP Vol.41(3) [June 2012]359-366
Compact dual band slotted patch antenna for wireless systemsAmbresh, P A; Hadalgi, P M; Hunagund, P VIJRSP Vol.41(3) [June 2012]372-376
Duct-induced terrestrial microwave link degradation in Nigeria: Minimization factorsOyedum, O DIJRSP Vol.41(3) [June 2012]339-347
VHF radar observations of post-midnight F-region field-aligned irregularities over Indonesia during solar minimumOtsuka, Y; Shiokawa, K; Nishioka, M; EffendyIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]199-207
Equatorial F-region irregularities during low and high solar activity conditionsJoshi, L M; Patra, A K; Rao, S V BIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]208-219
On the variability of the observed HF Doppler derived equatorial F-region plasma drifts during evening and morning hours and the chemical corrections thereinSumod, S G; Pant, T K; Nayar, S R PIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]130-140
Solar EUV flux (0.1-50 nm), F10.7 cm flux, sunspot number and the total electron content in the crest region of equatorial ionization anomaly during the deep minimum between solar cycle 23 and 24Chakrabarty, D; Bagiya, Mala S; Thampi, Smitha V; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]110-120
Equinoctial and June solstitial F-region irregularities over SanyaGuozhu, Li; Ning, Baiqi; Liu, Libo; Wan, Weixing; Hu, Lianhuan; Zhao, Biqiang; Patra, A KIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]184-198
Effect of solar flares on ionospheric TEC at Varanasi, near EIA crest, during solar minimum periodKumar, Sanjay; Singh, A KIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]141-147
Equatorial spread F development and quiet time variability under solar minimum conditionsAbdu, M AIJRSP Vol.41(2) [April 2012]168-183