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Simultaneous Recordings of VHF Scintillation Occurrences over a Wide Range of Southern LatitudesHajkowicz, L AIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]2-9
IEC and slab thickness near the peak of equatorial anomaly during sunspot maximum and minimumModi, R P; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]23-26
Role of lower thermospheric neutral concentration and F2-Region Ion drifts in the peak electron densitiesPandey, V K; Mahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]19-22
Propagation studies over irregular terrain in Doon ValleyTewari, R K; Jassal, B S; Roy, M NIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]14-18
Diffraction patterns observed in VHF signal propagationDas, J; De, A K; Deb, N C; Majumdar, D Dutta; Sen, A K; Sarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]10-13
Electromagnetic Ion-cyclotron Mechanism in Jovian MagnetosphereAhmad, M M; Lalmani; Khosa, P NIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]27-29
5577 Å Night Airglow Emission from Barth’s and Chapman’s MechanismsGhosh, S N; Midya, S KIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]33-35
Ionospheric drift results obtained using dipole & frame aerialsVyas, B M; Rai, R KIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]30-32
Comparison of ionosphere electron content variations at three widely-spaced stations along the northern Appleton anomaly crestBhuyan, P K; Tyagi, T RIJRSP Vol.18(4) [August 1989]134-138
Spaced received scintillation measurements near magnetic equatorChandra, H; Patel, V P; Deshpande, M R; Vyas, G DIJRSP Vol.18(4) [August 1989]125-129