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Vertical and Horizontal Wind Variations in Troposphere and Lower StratospherePandey, V K; Mahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.17(3) [June 1988]93-97
Response of Ionospheric Electron Temperature to Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure from Pioneer VenusMahajan, K K; Paul, Rashmi; Kar, JayantaIJRSP Vol.17(2) [April 1988]50-52
Saturn's Ionosphere: Further Evidence of Equatorial AnomalyMahajan, K K; Kar, J; Srilakshmi, M VIJRSP Vol.15(2) [April 1986]61-62
Ionosphere & Upper Atmosphere of VenusMahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.10(6) [December 1981]211-222
Role of lower thermospheric neutral concentration and F2-Region Ion drifts in the peak electron densitiesPandey, V K; Mahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]19-22
Ionospheres of Outer PlanetsMahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.16(1) [February 1987]192-206
Solar Activity Control of F2-region Electron Temperature from Incoherent Scatter Measurements at Millstone HillPandey, V K; Mahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.14(6) [December 1985]159-161
Electron Temperature Models for the F-Region & Topside IonospherePandey, V K; Mahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.10(3) [June 1981]85-94
Study of TEC & Equivalent Slab Thickness & Their Relationship with Ion Drifts & Ionospheric TemperaturesPandey, V K; Mahajan, K K; Jain, V C; Kohli, RIJRSP Vol.13(4) [August 1984]116-118
Seasonal and Solar Activity Changes of F-region Electron Density, Electron Temperature and Protonospheric Heat Flux during the Declining Part of Sunspot Cycle 20Pandey, V K; Mahajan, K KIJRSP Vol.16(3) [June 1987]251-256