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Radioclimatology over Southern IndiaNarayanarao, D; Murthy, M J Kesava; Sarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]7-12
An Association of Large-scale Periodic Disturbances with Sporadic-EBhardwaj, R K; Dabas, R S; Lal, J B; Dutta, H NIJRSP Vol.09(1) [February 1980]20-23
Field Strength Measurements at 4.6GHz in Line-of-sight, Diffraction & Scatter Modes of Propagation over Delhi-Pilani LinkSarkar, S K; Ramakrishna, M; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.11(4) [August 1982]142-145
Rain Rate Measurements & Rain Attenuation Studies at 7 GHz Northern IndiaSarkar, S K; Ravindran, V R; Ramakrishna, M; Banerjee, P K; Dutta, H NIJRSP Vol.09(2) [April 1980]47-51
Water Vapour Attenuation Studies from 1 to 350 GHz over the Indian SubcontinentSarkar, S K; Prasad, M V S N; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B M; Rao, D NarayanaIJRSP Vol.16(2) [April 1987]236-239
Power Density Spectrum of Satellite Scintillations Observed at KurukshetraBhardwaj, R K; Lal, J B; Dabas, R S; Dutta, H NIJRSP Vol.12(6) [December 1983]193-196
Diffraction patterns observed in VHF signal propagationDas, J; De, A K; Deb, N C; Majumdar, D Dutta; Sen, A K; Sarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B MIJRSP Vol.18(1) [February 1989]10-13
Echo Sounding of the Lower Atmosphere: Preliminary Studies A Study of Thermal PlumesSomal, H S; Singh, Darshan; Dhillon, G S; Gurm, H S; Dutta, H N; Sarkar, S KIJRSP Vol.10(4) [August 1981]137-143
A Study of Tropospheric Scintillations Using LOS Link at 7.6 GHzDutta, H N; Sarkar, S K; Reddy, B M; Sengupta, NandiniIJRSP Vol.13(1) [February 1984]1-12
Microwave Propagation Characteristics over Arid RegionSarkar, S K; Dutta, H N; Reddy, B M; Rao, D NarayanIJRSP Vol.12(5) [October 1983]169-173